Super Spy: The Flood

During her solo mission in New York City to uncover the truth behind the stolen artwork by the famous painter Francesco Esposito, Chelsea got caught in a little bit of trouble. While she was inside one of the museums that held his most famous painting to set a trap and catch the art stealing thief, a late night security guard spotted her on the security camera. He decided to sneak up behind Chelsea and take away her weapon, which actually turned out to be the shrink ray.

Out of pure instinct, Chelsea quickly turned around and kicked the security guard in the chest, which resulted in the shrink ray being thrown out of his arms. As Chelsea went to run for it, a second security guard appeared who picked it up and aimed at Chelsea. The security guard shot the beam directly at her, not realizing that its initial size calibration was accidently changed from the altercation before. As soon as he shot the beam at Chelsea, she began to feel strange and then blacked out.

Chelsea slowly opened her eyes, which were blurry from whatever had just happened. The surface underneath her felt sharp and uneven, and she even heard the distant sound of cars, sirens, and other noises around her. Once she regained her full vision, she jolted in shock as she saw the entire New York City skyline before her, but something was off. She was HUGE! Chelsea was now multiple times bigger than the largest skyscrapers in the city and she was completely naked.

Having no recollection of what had occurred the night before, Chelsea believed that she was having one of her "fun" dreams where she became giant and masturbated all over a city. "Of course this can't be real" she thought. No one had ever grown to a size this large before!

With her mind already racing, and her pussy dripping in anticipation, she began masturbating in the city. The screams and commotion only added to her experience as her juices flooded the streets below, covering cars and drowning anyone who came too close. If only Chelsea knew this wasn't a dream, maybe she would have done things differently, but for the security guard who was crushed by her body, it was already too late.

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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