Super Spy: The Shrunken City

There has been an accident with the shrink ray.

Jack and Chelsea were supposed to go on an easy undercover mission to stop a drug cartel in Venezuela. Unfortunately, like always, things got messy. When Chelsea removed Jack from her bikini top and put him on the ground to grow him back to normal size, they were ambushed by the drug cartel. Their cover was blown, but the criminals were too late. Just as Chelsea shot the beam at Jack, she was pushed by the men... and the shrink ray was damaged in the process, reverting the ray back to the shrink setting and dramatically increasing its blast radius.

The beam hit the side mirror of the company car Chelsea and Jack had taken to the location. It then reflected back and headed towards the city.

No one made a sound.

Chelsea looked back in horror and saw that she'd just reduced a massive city to the size of an action figure playset. The day somehow took a turn for the worst when Chelsea bent down to take a closer look at the tiny cityscape, only to trip and fall directly onto it. Her huge boobs came crashing down on the entire city, destroying everything in sight.

Chelsea tentatively got back up... and saw nothing but two large round craters. She looked back at her partner with an awkward smile and giggled.

"Well... at least most of the drug cartel has been dealt with!"
Jack and the surviving members of the drug cartel just stared at her in slack-jawed awe.

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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