Symphonia's New Goddess

The time had come for the land to return to normal. Mithos had been defeated and all that was left was for Lloyd to use the eternal sword to redistribute mana and merge the two worlds together.

However, as Lloyd began the final process, very different events were in motion on the ground level below. Sheena began to glow, not sure what was happening, but feeling better than she had ever felt before. She began to concentrate. She could feel the power of the world all flowing towards Lloyd! All the mana was being brought to one location to be redistributed equally, but first it was gathering in one spot... her body.

It made sense: she had, after all, formed a pact with every summon spirit across two realms, so she had some influence over what happened to the mana in her immediate vicinity. Which was now ALL of it.

Sheena had a choice to make.

Allow the mana to flow its normal course as directed by Lloyd, and continue to compete for his heart against Colette in a new world.

Or use all of the mana to turn herself into the new goddess of this world, distribute it how she saw fit, and take what she wanted when she wanted.

In retrospect, maybe the feeling of near omnipotence was clouding her judgement, but at the time the choice seemed pretty darn simple to Sheena.

Story by Bigger n' Bigger
Artwork by Altercomics-Melek

High resolution (2861x4300)

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