The Ant Below The Widow

Ant-Man was practicing using his suit after repairing it after his last battle, only for it to malfunction and trap him at his ant size.

Unable to get up to his work bench to fix the problem, he entered the hallways to get someone's attention to give him a lift up.

However, the first person he met was Black Widow, who was unable to see his tiny form on the ground. With her swiftly bearing down on him, the tiny hero was forced to turn and run... but it was too late. With a booming crash he found himself pinned to the ground, only for an unsettling feeling to soon overcome him.

Black Widow walked through the halls nonchalantly, unaware of the drama occurring at her feet. She was unable to hear the tiny cry for help, or the tiny squish of her foot landing on someone. She simply walked onwards, unaware of the tiny passenger she was taking along for the ride.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Altercomics-Rearte Gabriel

High resolution (2179x3198)

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