The Big Concoction

It seems Castti Florenz, a traveling apothecary, got herself into a bit of trouble.

She had been cornered by a group of monsters, but since she was low on resources and in a life or death situation, she resorted to using a peculiar ingredient she had never seen before. It was a mushroom of yellow and red color.

She quickly crushed the ingredients in her grinder, and drank the concoction when it was completed. She did not know of its effects, but that would change swiftly as her view on the world changed.

The monsters seemingly shrunk, while her head rose above the surrounding trees. She was growing larger and larger. Struggling to adjust to her increasing size, Castti tripped over herself and fell on her rear, flattening not only the monsters and part of the forest, but also a nearby village.

Raising her foot, she saw the damage she created, causing her to feel guilty. For now, her growth had stopped, but she could still feel the effects running through her body. She had crushed five of those mushrooms, and if this growth spurt was just the first one, then she didn't want to know how BIG she was going to become by the end.

Story by GameSquid
Artwork by Enroc

High resolution (2400x3800)

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