The Book of Queen Kong

A librarian named Haley had found a long, lost book while at work. The title was Queen Kong. That night, Haley returns home and tells her husband, Kirk, about her great discovery. She tells Kirk “I was very excited to find the book, because it’s a valuable book that has been listed on the ‘Lost Books Log’ for several years.” However, what Haley doesn’t realize is that Queen Kong, the long, lost book, is cursed, which is why it was hidden away but never actually lost as she and others had assumed.

While she and her husband are discussing the book, Haley suddenly starts to grow. Haley doesn’t realize what’s happening at first, but Kirk does. He tells Haley “Something is happening to you. You’re growing into a giant” to which Haley replies “I could tell something was wrong. I can feel the seams of my clothes starting to split.” After saying those words, she starts growing even faster.

As she continues to grow, she yells to Kirk “Help me! Do something to make me stop growing.” Before Kirk can even respond, Haley’s clothes start bursting off of her and shreds off her garments start falling down to the floor, leaving her naked while standing in the middle of her house as she realizes she is now growing into a Queen Kong herself.

She has another quick growth spurt and now her head crashes through the house’s ceiling and roof. The house starts crumbling all around her, until it is reduced to a pile of rubble. As she grows, her nipples hardened and she noticed her breasts were growing at a faster rate than the rest of her. She held her hands over her boobs as they expanded out, becoming large, heavy and bouncy. Haley screams in terror at what is happening to her and then she sees Kirk staring up at her.

“Well at least we’re both still alive,” Kirk says. Haley tells Kirk “I'm relieved to see that somehow you survived the collapse of the house.” she beats her huge boobs the size of trucks like King Kong, and then grabs her husband and stomps off.

Story by mevalen
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (3300x5100)

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