The Element Zero Effect 2

After the incident in the lab during the Reapers' primary attack, which caused the girls to grow larger than the Reapers themselves, they used the Reapers as toys to sate their immense lust. The Reapers were destroyed before the girls could even sexually gratify themselves.

Upon making contact with the Reapers' element zero cores, all three of them experienced growth in all forms. From their breast, waist, and butt sizes to their height and musculature.

Tali, using her already massive size advantage to force the smaller girls to give her the Krogan's share of element zero cores, becomes a Goddess to the relatively smaller women, her power inducing a idolizing adoration from them to the point that they would do anything for her.

At the same time, the Reapers were already advancing on the planet to stop the crucible project from completing.

However, this plan was immediately countered when the three giantesses used their newly developed and now god-like biotic powers to bring themselves into orbit and begin pleasuring themselves with the Reaper forces and absorbing the cores until the Reapers were specks to Tali and the other two were like dolls to her.

The three of them were sitting on the cusp of sexual fulfillment when the dwindling Reaper forces were no longer able to pleasure them. Thankfully, that's when the citadel warped in to join with the crucible.

At that point, Tali decided that the only worth that the citadel presented to her now monstrously large form was as a barely adequate dildo. So she grabbed it and inserted it inside of herself while ordering her toy sized slaves to pleasure her.

Story by Razgriz
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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