The Glory of the Amidalan Empire

The end of the Clone Wars came not in the form of the legendary Jedi knights freeing the galaxy from tyranny once more, or in crushing defeat of the Grand Clone Army of the Galactic Republic by the endless droid legions of the Separatists Alliance, but rather in the form of a beautiful republic senator unexpectedly transformed into a gigantic goddess.

While touring the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo was suddenly overtaken by an uncontrollable urge to touch the Holocron of Darth Makroxa, who was an ancient Dark Lady of the Sith from the time of the Great Galactic Dark Ages. Darth Makroxa was fabled to have used her mastery of Sith alchemy to twist innocent people into titanic, bloodthirsty monsters in her quest for absolute power, and as soon as Padme touched Makroxa Holocron, she was overwhelmed with powers hiding within the artifact, her mind absorbing all of the Dark Lady's secrets.

At the same time, Padme's body started to grow at an incredible rate, bursting out of the temple and outgrowing everything around her in seconds, and then a confused Padme went on a short-lived, aimless rampage amongst the mighty skyscrapers of Coruscant until Darth Makroxa's essence had finished altering her mind.

Corrupted by the dark powers and teaching she had received from the long-deceased Sith Lady, Padme was forever changed. Gone was the kind and compassionate woman who only wanted to help others. She turned into a cruel and harsh goddess who desired only power to conquer and rule as an all-powerful empress... but what is an empress without servants?

Using long-forgotten Sith magic, Empress Padme created tens of thousands of replicas of Darth Makroxa's pyramid-like Holocron and sent them to all corners of civilized space and beyond. Through the galaxy, millions of females of thousands of different species grew to gigantic sized after being exposed to the power of the Holocrons, from mighty Jedi General stationed in the shining capital of Alderaan to lowly dance girls enslaved by the Black Sun syndicate in the back alleys of Phaeda. No matter the former allegiance or moral character, be they Republic loyalist, Separatist die-hards, a follower of the light or dark side of the force, every one of the transformed females succumbed to Darth Makroxa tenets, that they were now mighty goddesses that deserved to rule the puny lesser beings of the galaxy.

Within days, the ever-growing army of towering giantesses had captured over tens of thousands of worlds in the name of their Empress. By the tenth year of Empress Padme's reign, her Amidalan Empire stretched across all known space, from the city planets of the Core to the outer reaches of the Tingle Arm and beyond into the mysterious borders of the Unknown Regions. The last great form of resistance against her rule had been vanquished shortly before the destruction of the joint Republic and Separatist fleet under the command of General Grievous, with Imperial grand generals Aayla Secura, Bo-Katan Kryze, and Trilla Suduri tracking the fleet hiding in the Kathol Rift and single-handedly destroyed it with their titanic frames.

With her remaining enemies weak and scattered, the biggest problem currently facing Empress Padme's regime is administering her vast empire. Granting significant sectors and worlds to her favorite subjects to be their personal kingdoms, the questions involving dividing the area formerly controlled by the Hutt Clans proved the most challenging. Once rulers of the Outer Rims and subjugators of countless alien races, the Hutts had been reduced to food stock and playthings for the empire's giantess elite. Now their worlds were claimed by three rivaling giantesses, Chieftess Hera Syndulla of Ryloth, Warlord Fennec Shand of Nar Kanji, and Queen Miraj Scintel of the Zygerria, quarreling over which worlds should belong in their domain. Deciding that the best way to settle this territorial dispute was trial by combat where the victor would claim the whole of Hutt Space, the three rivals would battle it out in the arena on the Hutt moon of Nar Shaddaa, for the entertainment of the Empress and her loyal subjects.

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (2475x3757)

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