The Importance of Units

“I’m so glad you came! I was worried you wouldn’t. Most stop talking to me as soon as they realize I’m a titan and even fewer are willing to meet up with me. Oh, I see you brought the umbrella and wore the shirt. If I’d known the station was going to be this empty I’d have told you not to bother but in a crowd they can really help pick someone out!”

So that’s why she’d told him to bring the umbrella and wear the bright shirt! Dean couldn’t feel his heart pounding in his chest as he looked up at Melissa.

At first he’d been amazed by how lucky he was. A beautiful, friendly girl that wasn’t attached who seemed proud to flaunt her body. What was the odds of finding such a woman? Better than her actually being a titan.

Now he knew why though. Clothing for titans was beyond expensive and Melissa was gigantic even for a titan. She didn’t wear so little to flaunt her body, but rather because it was the only clothing she had!

Other realizations had set in with this new information. Those craters around the stop were her foot prints... and it didn’t say 180 centimeters on her profile. It was 180 METERS.

“It’s... It’s no trouble. I’m glad that we could finally meet in person.”

Story by happiest_in_shadows
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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