The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Fairies

Link had upgraded every piece of armor he had, but still hadn't gone to fight Calamity Ganon. Cortera could tell he was stalling, clearly afraid of being defeated just like he was 100 years ago. However, she couldn't do anything more for the warrior. She'd already upgraded each piece of his armor with her breath and saliva three times, and then she gave each of them the ultimate upgrade as she grabbed him, dunked back in the pool together, then plunged him into her vagina. At this point, she had probably masturbated with him like he was a dildo at least a hundred times and soaked every piece of his armor in her vaginal fluids. However, now he was asking her if she could strengthen HIM in a similar fashion. She paused for a moment and looked at him like he was crazy. It doesn't get more intimate and personal than making her cum. She had no idea how he thought she could top that...

That's when an idea came to her. She had used her mouth and vagina... but there was one hole she hadn't used. It wouldn't help him any, but he didn't have to know that. It might have been a mean trick to play on the hero, but once the idea popped into her head, she had an overwhelming desire to feel this predestined hero inside the most unmagical and unladylike area of her body. Cortera then reasoned with herself that tricking him could give him the confidence he needs to finally take on Calamity Ganon... or at least scare him enough into fighting just so he doesn't have to come back and see what terrifying thing she comes up with next!

Having convinced herself that her motives were pure, Cortera told Link to disrobe so that she could give him one final blessing to strengthen him enough to defeat Calamity Ganon. Link was quickly down to nothing more than his blue boxer-briefs.

The fairy had gotten excited just knowing what was coming and decided to tease him a little bit. She turned around, grabbed the edges of the pool and lifted her ass out to display for Link. He backed away with a gasp, but then Cortera explained:

"Come closer, for this is your final blessing. You need not give me any materials this time, for your only sacrifice will be a test of will... as well as a test of strength, because this hole will be much tighter than the one I have been sticking you in."

Link seemed very unsure of the situation. He had begged her to be stronger, but he didn't realize what he would have to do to for it. Now that he knew, he sort of regretted all the begging he had been doing only moments ago. However, it was too late to back out now. The Great Fairy lifted her ass up and instructed him to go underneath it.

Cortera was brimming with excitement as the hero positioned himself under her enormous ass. As he got directly under her, she realized that she didn't have a free hand to grab him with. So, as her ass came in contact with the hero's head, she informed him that he would need to spread her butt cheeks to reveal the Great Fairy's butthole. He did as instructed and could instantly feel the heat radiating from her anus as he used all of his strength just to move apart her giant, wobbly cheeks. She started lowering herself bit by bit until she felt his head against her rubbery butthole.

Link was already grossed out, but he knew it was also about to get a lot worse... and then it did. The Great Fairy dropped her butt and Link was instantly pushed up her ass as the hole swallowed him up. The only portion of his body that remained outside of hers was his feet. The Great Fairy then masturbated several times as she sat on her flower with her feet dangling in the pool of water and the hero deep in her anal cavity. She climaxed ten times over the course of an hour, after which she was finally too weak to do anymore.

Cortera leaned forward, grabbed Link by his feet, and slowly pulled him out of her ass. She set him down and slowly sank back into her pool. She was still out of breath, so she just stared at him for a few moments. What she had felt was mind-blowing. This hero, who was destined to slay the greatest evil, almost died, and woke up 100 years later after Hyrule had fallen into chaos just so he could try and battle Ganon once more... had just voluntarily spent the last hour in this Great Fairy's great big ass. Okay, sure, it was under false pretenses... but that mattered very little to her. It was rather disappointing to know that he would likely not do so again... Unless...

As Link started walking away, she called out to him. "That was only round one! Remember how many times we had to enchant each of your clothing? Well, it will take many more times for your body. Don't worry though, it'll always be the same method. So come back in a few hours after I've rested."

She then started slowly going back down into the pool. However, before she disappeared, she winked and said: "my ass will be seeing you again."

Story by Newschool2626
Artwork by MisterEye

High resolution (1981x3060)

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