The Princess Has Got This

A long time ago, in an alternate galaxy far, far away...

Princess Leia had trained in the ways of the Jedi alongside her brother Luke. However, unlike the many force users before her, Leia had developed a unique ability: she could use the force to grow to gigantic heights.

That ability came in very handy when she found herself captured by the notorious gangster known as Jabba the Hut. Instead of relying on Luke to save her, Leia used her force powers to escape and then grew to a titanic size once she was outside.

With a smirk, the Princess squatted down and tore her fingers through the ground surrounding the palace. With ease, she then lifted the proud structure and rested it upon her breasts. Alas, her playful jiggling was too powerful for the relatively tiny structure. The ground beneath the palace crumbled, sending the whole building to crash onto the ground beneath Leia.

Believing her payback on the gangster to be complete, Leia had begun to turn away when she spotted movement within the rumble out of the corner of her eye. Out came Jabba and the infamous bounty hunter named Boba Fett.

With a cruel smile, Leia lifted her foot and stomped them like bugs.

Story by Anon711
Artwork by StudioArieta-Zu

High resolution (2480x2885)

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