The Second Anemo Release

"So is it ready at last, Lisa?" Jean asked as she picked up Lisa and brought her up to her face. "Yes, I believe the medicine should be ready." Lisa stated.

It had been a few weeks since a weird reaction to a spell from Lisa caused Amber, Lumine and Jean to grow into gassy giantesses. After they had grown and let out the massive farts, their bodies continued to produce gas rapidly. The girls needed to move away again and again to fart loudly and not have the smell linger in town.

Jean looked a little worried. "You believe? So, you're not sure if it will work?" Jean asked. "Well, no." Lisa said. "I have no way to test it, so we did the best we could." As Jean and Lisa talk, Amber and Lumine were handed the medicine. "So, this will return us to a normal size?" Lumine asked. "That is correct."

A Knight of Favonius stated. "We just need to wait for Lisa to give the okay to-" Before the knight could finish, both Amber and Lumine put the large pills in their mouth's and swallowed. The knight was stunned and called to Lisa and Jean. Lisa and Jean looked over and saw Amber and Lumine. "Did they just..." Lisa began. Before she could finish, both Amber and Lumine's stomachs groan as they both start to grow even bigger.

Both girls began to panic as they continued to grow larger. Amber sat down in the middle of town as she grew. Lumine took a step back and fell into the lake out of town. Both continued to grow till they were massive. After they finished growing, as if to make things worse, both of their bowels began to groan from the gas they were producing.

Amber and Lumine moaned as the gas slowly built up at the exit. Jean called to Amber and Lisa looked over at Lumine. "Amber, please don't fart." Jean begged Amber, but both girls could not hold it and farted loudly. Amber's fart flowed over the city, filling all the streets and alleys with gas. Lumine farted right into the water, causing it to explode behind her. As their farts ended, Lumine looked embarrassed about what just happened. Amber on the other hand had a look of relief on her face as she fanned her butt of the smelly gas. "Sorry Jean, It was too hard to hold in."

Amber apologized as she fanned her butt. Jean and Lisa both looked below at the the people in the street. Many took cover in their houses as other passed while out in the open. Lisa then looked up at Jean and said "Jean, don't take the medicine. It needs some work." Jean stared at Lisa, then back to Amber and Lumine before just sighing for a moment and letting out a small fart.

Story by bluefire121
Artwork by WantedWaifus_Tristan

High resolution (3000x4636)

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