The Side Quest

Blake had grown quite massive from her level grinding, but still lacked the gold she needed. She'd heard about a side quest where a group of barbarian warriors needed assistance fighting off a giant beast that had come dangerously close to the tower where they stored their loot.

As Blake walked up to the ruined castle the Barbarians stayed at, she was greeted by the humorous sight of the monster hanging from the side of the tower like King Kong and growling at the warriors below. Snatching him from his perch, Blake effortlessly tossed her latest foe over her shoulder like a forgotten toy. The monster gave out a final yell as it plummeted to its doom.

Blake wasn’t about to ask the warriors she saved if she could have some of their gold as a reward for helping them. Instead, she proceeded to grab the weathered structure and tore it in half. Debris rained down on the fleeing warriors (with some of them even being crushed).

Blake smiled at the gold that was pilled within the tower and figured she'd have to do more side quests if they were all this easy and rewarding!

Story by Venom484
Artwork by Bokuman

High resolution (3535x5000)

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