The Sleepwalker

Michael's life took a turn for the worse a few weeks ago when he mysteriously shrank to three inches in height. Doctors were baffled, and the studies and procedures he underwent to grow back to normal size were as unpleasant as they were ineffective.

Until a solution could be found, he had been placed in the care of his fiancee Emily. Fortunately, Emily loved Michael deeply, and their new size difference wasn't going to change that. She took care of Michael the best she could, finding clothes that fit him at the toy store, cooking and cutting up meals he could eat, and making a bed for him on her nightstand so she wouldn't risk rolling over onto him in her sleep. While Michael found the doting embarrassing sometimes, and feared Emily was starting to see him as less of a lover and more as a child or pet, he couldn't deny that things could be much, much worse.

Until the night when everything went to hell.

While Emily and Michael were close, there was one secret she'd always kept from him out of embarrassment. Ever since she was a little girl, she had been a sleepwalker. It came and went over the years, but the trials and tribulations from weeks of dealing with her future husband's condition put enough stress on her unconscious mind that it was about to start happening again.

Michael was rudely awoken that night when Emily's hand lazily slapped his makeshift bed off the nightstand. As he recovered, somehow uninjured, he was about to yell up to her for help when he saw her emerge from the bed, a sleepy look in her near-shut eyes.

'Murglegah... mumble... bug?'

Trapped in whatever dream her subconscious had in store for her, Emily no longer saw Michael as the man she loved. She saw him as a bug, a tiny unwelcome intruder in her bedroom. And she set out to deal with it in the most logical way possible.

'Emily! It's me! I'm not a bug! Wake up!'

A smile adorned Emily's sleepy face as she turned her head slightly towards the nightstand.

'Don' worry hon. 'Sjust a bug, I gottit. Go back to sleep...'

Michael paled. He wasn't able to penetrate the thick mental haze his girlfriend was trapped in.

Emily strode towards him, a sleepy smile still on her lips as she believed she was valiantly defending her tiny charge from a bug.

He had no choice. All he could do now was run and hide until she either woke up or crushed him...

Story by Maxwell
Artwork by Nekt

High resolution (2733x4200)

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