The Snuggle Ninja

When Naruto agreed to do anything that his Sensei Jiraiya told him to do in order to train himself, he was not expecting to be put into such a delicate and potentially dangerous situation.

Under the guise of "stealth training," the young ninja had been tasked with infiltrating the Hyuuga mansion and to not be caught doing so. Getting in had been a snap once he had used the new Jutsu he'd learned to mask his enormous chakra signature, as the side effect of reducing him to a mere two feet in height was actually a bonus in this situation for slipping through windows and doors.

However, right on the home stretch, he had wandered just a little too close to the sleeping form of his fellow Ninja Hinata Hyuuga and was caught off guard when she reached for him. At first he thought that he was caught, but as the girl continued to softly breathe in and out without saying anything, he realized that she was still asleep and it had been reflex more then anything (likely driven by her secret crush on him). Now he was being held close to her and being cuddled just like a teddy bear. This still presented a problem though. With his hands bound to his sides by her arms he could not cancel his technique, and at this size he was unable to push against her arms to get out of her tight hold without risking waking her up. It was a humiliating position to be in for sure as the twin mounds on either side of his head edged further and further forwards from both sides of his vision. There was no telling what might happen to him in the morning when she woke up if she did not let go of him before then.

"Then again," Naruto thought to himself as he took in the faint smell of lavender from her body and felt the soft warmth coming from her and into him, "maybe this particular position isn't so bad. At least it's soft..."

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Amblagar

High resolution (3761x2116)

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