The Wedding of the Smallest, Tallest Man in the World and the Tallest, Smallest Woman in the World

It has been years since the Dysmorphia virus spread across the planet, causing a dramatic shift in human physiology. In a matter of weeks, the entire human race was affected, with the men shrinking down to less than half their original heights and losing a large portion of their muscle mass while women were growing to nearly three times their original heights and becoming more buxom and curvaceous.

In the decades following this outbreak, scientists from all across the globe tried to find a cure, but none could be found. Thus, humanity began to adapt, and society shifted to reflect these changes, with women taking total control of the worlds of business, politics, and military and men becoming their willing charges. In time, the shortest men were deemed the most attractive for their ability to easily fit inside the cleavage of their partners, and the tallest, bustiest women were deemed the most attractive for... well, the obvious.

Now, generations later, the world is treated to a most peculiar union: the wedding of the "tallest" man in the world and the "shortest" woman in the world. Harold Lark is the first man in decades who not only grew past the average height of 3'0" but in fact grew past the age old average to an unimaginable 6'10". Unfortunately for him, his extreme height made him less attractive as a potential partner for most women, at least until the day of his older brother Daryl's wedding. Daryl was the ideal man, 2'9" with a slim build, and he married the ideal woman, the 20' Jasmine with ridiculous curves and a cavernous cleavage.

A lone bachelor at their wedding, Harold happened to meet another lonely soul at the reception: Jasmine's younger sister Rene. Rene, like Harold, was unique in that she was the first woman in decades who not only hadn't grown to the average height of 16'0" but, at a mere 9'0", was roughly the same height as a female toddler. This too had limited her potential as a partner since most men wanted a woman that could easily carry them around in their braziers. Their mutual isolation from the rest of society drew the couple together, and their love was born.

Today they share their wedding vows, with Daryl and Jasmine acting as the Best Man and the Maid of Honor. Neither cared that the other was far from society's standard of beauty. In their eyes, they were each the most perfect person in the world for each other.

Story by slmngrndy
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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