Top Female

Donna Tubbs has become obsessed with ensuring that her show has the only female characters worth watching and has decided to 'off' the females of several different shows.

And what better to off them than to literally eat them alive? Devouring them increases her - um - assests, causes them a painful death, and hopefully add their abilities to her own. Everybody wins (with the exception of the tiny ones, but those are minor details that won't matter for much longer)!

After having shrunken down the female protagonist from several rival shows, Donna placed them onto a plate. She then proceeded to cut their clothes off, leaving them completely exposed. Then, she tied them up to ensure that if they tried to escape they would not get very far. After that, Donna sat down and grabbed a spoon.

She lifted up Marge and smiled as she told the blue-haired housewife that she should consider it an honor that she was picked first. With that, Donna pushed the spoon into her mouth and her lips sealed around Marge. She swished the tiny woman around in her mouth before giving one hard swallow and sending Marge to her doom.

While this was going on, Cleveland came into the room. He had been starving for what seemed liked days. Donna was obsessed with this new idea of hers and had refused to cook for him. He was about to complain again when he noticed the small women on the plate. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he was too hungry to care.

When Donna was distracted with Marge he swooped in and snatched Amy Wong. 'I'm sorry, Chinese lady, but I'm hungry and if Donna's eating you guys then it is good enough for me. No hard feelings, right?' With that, Cleveland hoisted her above his head and slowly opened his gaping mouth...

Story by MrNinja
Artwork by Amblagar

High resolution (4335x2249)

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