True Mother of Dragons

With her hatred flowing through her, Daenerys seeks a way to gain back the power of Westeros and take the iron thrown. So far, half of her allies have fallen to the Greyjoys and Jamie Lannister.

John Snow arrives on Dragonstone to inform the Queen of the forthcoming evil to the north: the dreaded white walkers.

"We need to mine your mountain of dragon glass if we are all to survive".

The Queen agrees and follows John Snow down to the caves after he mentions he has discovered something. What they find is a secret passage leading to a room filled with magic with a strange panel located in its center.

Her curiosity gets the better of her and she stands on the panel. The lord of light shines down upon her, her curves begin to enlarge her breasts and ass to gigantic proportions. She grows taller and taller until she rips right out of her clothing (causing John to blush quite profusely). She steadily continues to grow, finally she reaching a height of 20 feet tall.

The others are stunned at their Queen's new height and attributes.

Tyrion was the first to comment. "Well, it looks like the real mother of dragons is born".

Daenerys smiled. "Screw feeding that evil woman to my dragons, I might eat her myself."

Even Drogon looks tiny next to his mother!

Story by MrSinister1990
Artwork by Vincenzo Federici, Teodoro Gonzalez

High resolution (3508x4961)

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