Trying to Get Lani's (Unaware) Attention!

SoleofThrones has a HUGE crush on Instagram foot model Kala Lehlani. He would do just about anything just to get her attention and prove to her that he's not just an ordinary guy. He likes and comments on her photos, but doesn't get a response, ever. He then decided to shrink himself to try and get near her, but there was no way to reach her as she rested her legs on top of her desk.

He then climbs one of the desk legs and reaches the top. Once he gets up from this tiresome feat, he looks up to find himself in an unfortunate situation. Her massive, looks-to-be oily or sweaty soles are in the way as she unbuttons her top. He can't resist. Yes, her soles and feet are perfect in every way to him, but that wasn't the reason why he fell in love with her. It was her personality that draws him to her... but then his kinky side kicked in.

He walked up to her right sole and admires what is in front of him. The scent is heavenly to his senses, and all he wants to do at this point is worship Lani's soles. He changes his plans instantly and thinks he could hide himself somewhere, unnoticed by her. He wants to be Lani's foot boy forever, even if that means staying totally unaware to Lani for eternity.

Story by soleofthrones
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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