USA v Japan

The All-American giantess had decided to pay Japan a little visit, particularly to Tokyo. To her surprise, and then amusement, she discovered she wasn’t the first giant monster to attack Tokyo today, but she would certainly show them the true meaning of being big. If the citizens of Tokyo thought the booms and shaking from Godzilla and King Ghidorah’s brawl was bad, it was nothing compared to the tremors and earthquakes that ensued from the giantess’s footsteps.

The city was blanketed in her shadow as she loomed over the city. “I’m so glad I decided to visit this city with its giant monsters. Well, they were giant until I got here.” The giantess said, with a toothy smile that was directed down to the kaiju that had ceased their fighting. Removing her American bikini top and discarding it over the city, the impact decimated the area that was unfortunate enough to be caught in the radius of where it landed.

Bending over with two outstretched hands, the giantess snatched up the two kaiju like they were nothing. Turning around, the giantess then sat down right over the city, much to the dismay of the hapless onlookers. Japan’s titans were clearly no match for this American giantess, so she decided their existence would serve a better purpose in pleasing her. Their scaly skin and armor was perfect for rubbing against her nipples and breast. Alas, the rubbing was too much for the tiny monsters to withstand as they eventually ceased their struggles.

Realizing she had gotten too carried away and crushed the kaiju, she was still satisfied that they had served in giving her a few moments of pleasure. “Looks like America wins again!” She said with a laugh.

Story by Venom484
Artwork by Sedna_Seneca

High resolution (3300x5100)

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