Unwanted Growth Pt. 2

The budding chemist knew that, since the formula followed an overall overdamped differential equation, this meant there would be two periods of exponential growth. Sure enough, his unsuspecting crush had a second spurt after she had only a couple of minutes to get a hold of herself from the first. She only had enough time to make an annoyed pouty face at all the aroused students in front of her before her head burst through the ceiling, along with her appendages that plowed through the sides of the building.

Fortunately enough, the building was built in a district known for earthquakes so no significant debris fell as the building's structural integrity mostly held. In fact, the nerd was slightly jealous of one lucky classmate who was protected from debris by some "structural integrity" her crush had unintentionally provided.

Story by 1000Shadows
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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