Watch your Tongue (Nat The New Colossus)

Mandy River was peacefully laying on a green field. Suddenly, she feels the ground shake and sees a giant hand, bigger than her own body, come down, grab her, then raise her up in the sky. She stands to face her giant captive, but her panicking turns into happiness and joy as she recognizes a familiar face.

Michael is standing on the giant palm of the unknown giantess. He starts calling for Mandy to see him while he's down by Mandy's feet. She picks him up and asks of the identity of her giant captive. He simply says "That's my girlfriend Nat."

Mandy looks up to the 2 mile high giantess, and Nat smiles down at Mandy as she says “Thank you, Mandy, for the advice.” Mandy smiles back at Nat and replies, ”You're welcome! Looks like I'm not the gentle colossus anymore”

Story by Dante123
Artwork by Shonemitsu + Slasher

High resolution (2550x3509)

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