Well, That Was Easy

It was just another day in the world of heroes and villains, where around 80% of the human population can utilize powers known as quirks. Deep in the city, where most skirmishes between heroes and villains break out, a group of villains fight fiercely against a team of noble heroes coming to the aid of the community.

As the fighting becomes more and more intense, it seems that the villains may be able to pull this one off. In fact, the villains are so focused on winning the fight, they don't realize the heroes are about to receive some BIG help. Protecting civilians, limiting property damage, beating the villains, all these things are important in being a hero, but one thing that heroes often forget is doing all of that, in style!

Mount Lady needed no reminder of that. She was responding to a call about a street brawl that had broken out between a group of heroes and villains and was pondering the coolest way to save the day. Wondering if she would be able to stop the villains wasn't even on her mind, it was just a question of how? When she reached the street where the fighting was taking place, she observed that the two groups were separated as the heroes and villains were catching their breath and bracing for the other's next attack.

Realizing that the villains were completely oblivious to her arrival, Mount Lady decided on her course of action. She would lend the heroes a hand...-err foot. Growing to her colossal size, she lifted her foot and aimed.

"These heroes ain't so tough!" One of the villains shouted aloud. "Let's hit 'em with everything we got, then they'll be unrecogni-"


The villain was cut short as a massive foot stomped the group of villains into the street. Looking down at her foot, Mount Lady pretended to gasp and raised her hand daintily to her face in mock surprise. "Whoopsie! Did I just step in something?" She said with a smile over to the nearby team of heroes looking in astonishment.

Story by Venom484
Artwork by Studio Arieta_YoulZ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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