What-If: Clash of the 50ft Women!

Honey Parker had thought she had just had a blurry, drunk-induced dream out in the middle of the desert, due to the strange light, the spinning sensation, and massive hangover the morning after.

It wasn't until she got upset at this obnoxiously drawn-out situation with the now gigantic Nancy Archer and her 'partner' Harry, Nancy's husband, about Honey's elicit affair, that she realized something shocking. SHE was going to become a giantess too!

Harry didn't know what to think of it that night, after rushing over to 'celebrate' the 'death' of his giantess of a wife, only to find his mistress was ALSO growing. Their resulting argument was cut off by the sudden arrival of an even LARGER Nancy.

Now, absolutely, positively, enraged by this ENTIRE situation, Honey experiences a major growth spurt, stretching her dress to it's limits. The two women collide right in the center of the town. Leaving Harry Archer to wonder whether or not he's going to like the result of any possible outcome. Elsewhere, the aliens who instigated this grudge match watch with rapt attention.

Story by superxash
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (4125x6263)

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