When The Doctor's Away...

Clara crouched to get a better look at the tiny civilisation below her. She and Me had been doing good work all over time and space since they'd left earth in their TARDIS, but she was starting to grow bored of saving everyone. Without the Doctor's impassioned speeches about the sanctity of life, and with Me's morality shrinking away thanks to her immortality, Clara's moral compass had started to slip.

"Hey, Me... how many alien civilisations have we saved in the past week? Ten or so? What do say we have a little fun with this one...?"

Me feigned shock. "Clara! What would the Doctor say about that?" Me finished her sentence with a smirk.

"The Doctor isn't here, is he?" Clara asked back, raising her eyebrow at Me.

"Well, considering you've already crushed a quarter of the city under your shoes while we were talking..." Me replied, "...I guess we might as well make the most of it."

Me gave Clara a wink and sauntered slowly over to where Clara was crouched, carelessly crushing many of the alien suburbs that surrounded the city without a thought. Clara turned her focus back to the city and it's tiny inhabitants, who were scrambling in a futile attempt to escape the two giant invaders who had appeared from nowhere.

"So, Clara," Me's words dripped with sinister intent, "Let's have some fun..."

Story by TessGian
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (3996x3450)

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