Where They Belong

'Hello', Sarah calls into the empty room. 'Heeeeellooooo', she calls again.

No answer, nobody there.


She hast just started her late shift as waitress and usually at least two other colleagues should have been there from the middle shift. Alex and Daniela. Maybe even the Maitre, her boss. As the restaurant was empty her first way led her into the kitchen.

'...We need her help', said Alex. The other three were hesitant. Sarah hated them all except Alex.

Daniela, because she was a bratty bitch who constantly accused Sarah of trying to steal her boyfriend. More than once it was proven untrue, but by now Ricardo (the previously mentioned boyfriend) had started to believe it himself and ignores Sarah whenever he can.

As for her boss? He's an asshole. Full stop.

'She will kill us, she is stupid and crazy', voiced Daniela. 'I KNOW she won't kill us. Sarah wouldn't even kill a cricket!' Alex knew that much for certain, having asked her once to step on one found in the restaurant. Besides, he liked the idea of a female foot crushing something, so even if he was wrong it was a win-win for him.

The discussion became obsolete as the kitchen door opened, revealing a 'gigantic' Sarah.

'Hey... what the fuck?' said Sarah as she spotted the four people on the white tiled floor. Sarah nervously laughed in confusion as she approached them. 'What are you doing down there?'

Alex stood his ground but the sheer mass of a (from their perspective) 300 ft. tall women made the others step back in fear.

Her foot settled down only a couple of feet next to Alex, smashing crumbs as big as his torso beneath her black sneakers. Her other foot pulled back, hovered over him and stomped down hard next to Daniela.

'Enjoying the view Alex?'

A wet spot beginning to form in Daniela's crotch as she peed herself in response to this demonstration of power. 'Why are you doing this, you bitch. You need to fucking help us!'

Sarah ignored her. 'What happened?'

'No clue', the maitre finally spoke. 'The electricity was gone and before we could even react to put back the fuse, the lights went on again.'

'And voila...' Alex added.

Sarah smiled devilishly. 'Then today is your lucky day.'

Alex knew what this meant and was immediately full of anticipation. 'You mean...?'

'Yes, I heard another story about me and I think today is the perfect day to put my foot down and end it once and for all.'

Daniela suddenly knew what Sarah meant, and her knees simply gave away. The other two began to slowly back away, unnerved by the tone of Sarah's voice.

'Come closer if you want to watch. Remember the cricket a few days ago? The one I refused to kill. I considered how good it would feel to let out some steam, but that poor insect deserved to live.'

Daniela turned around. Still paralyzed with fear and unable to use her legs, she crawled towards her boyfriend.

'I have to tell you what happened to me this morning...'

Sarah began to casually chat with Alex as her foot lifted off the ground. Slowly, the ball of her foot descended towards the helpless girl on the floor.

'Really my mother can be so stupid sometimes...'

Her foot made contact and began to slowly apply pressure to the screaming girl.

The boss yelled at Sarah to stop but she ignored him, continuing to vent to her good friend about her bad morning as she crushed the life out of the young women beneath her with a single step.

Bones crunching, organs flattening, and the body splitting until the shrunken woman finally exploded like a bag of ketchup beneath Sarah's shoe.


Somebody was calling from the restaurant's dining area.

Sarah twisted and dragged her foot back, leaving a thick, red smear on the rough ground with only slight traces of the human body that had once been her tormentor.

'I think we should close for the rest of the day, what do you think, boss... Actually, I don't care.'

In a swift motion she trapped the two terrified men beneath a bowl, scooped Alex up in her hand, and walked outside to tell the guest that the restaurant was closing early that night due to staff shortages...

Story by DerHumpf
Artwork by ArtSteady-Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (5262x7441)

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