Wrong Time to Party

'Ugh, but that party is mainly for freshman!' Tina looked at her friend, disgusted. 'I don't wanna go!'

'C'mon Tina! We gotta show them who the hot bitches are on campus! Make a big impression!' Mya was nearly running in the halls to get to the party. Pulling Tina along, she wanted to waste no time getting to hit on the freshman studs.

However, she took one corner too sharply and ran into Professor Stein, who was carrying some glass vials. 'My precious gasses! Oh no!' He angrily looked up at the two culprits, 'Where are you two ladies going in such a rush?!'

'The Welcome Back BBQ!' Mya screamed back.

'Aren't you too grown to party?! Come back here!' Defeated, the professor muttered under his breath, 'You will be soon.'

Tina's entire experience there was a haze. She felt dizzy, even though she didn't have any drinks. She found Mya, who wasn't looking too hot herself, in the middle of the party and pleaded with her.

'Mya! Something's... not right!' Tina gritted through her teeth.

'What do you mean?!... Everything's peachy!' Mya responded lazily, sounding just as sickly as her BFF. She closed her eyes in pain... and opened them as soon as she heard ripping sounds. She turned around to see her jeans splitting at the seams.

Tina screamed as her breasts quickly filled up her shirt. In between each of her blinks, the freshman became smaller and smaller. The only person who was the same height as she was Mya, who had curves of epic proportions.

When Tina finally felt the stretching subside, she realized she could see OVER Edmon Hall...

Story by FFKid
Artwork by SednaStudio-Forst

High resolution (4250x5500)

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