A Goddess of Law 7

A Goddess of Law 7
A Goddess of Law 7

Officer Nikki is lost in recollections of the giantess orgy and murderous mayhem she was responsible for at the music festival the previous night. With the aftermath of the carnage all around her, will she snap out of it in time to stop her besotted boyfriend from noticing the bodies? Meanwhile, Eva has found someone to help her work out how to use her shrinking technology on the Goddess of Law...

Tags: giantess, shrinking, shrunken man, destruction, accidental destruction, feet, boobs, breast crush, pussy crush, vaginal vore, insertion, sex, evil, science

Released June 28, 2023
15 pages + cover
Story by Sexplore
Artwork by Hmage
This issue is part of the A Goddess of Law series.

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