A Goddess of Law 8

A Goddess of Law 8
A Goddess of Law 8

When young groupies interrupt their outdoor bathing, the Goddess of Law finds herself competing for Chris’ affection. It’s something she’s not used to and doesn’t know how to handle. Worried that she might accidentally take her wrath out on her tiny paramour, Officer Nikki decides to unwind with a long ocean swim. Whilst this does her a world of good, it’s not quite as great for everyone else that she comes across out on the open waves!

Tags: giantess, destruction, accidental destruction, handheld, breast crush, boobs, feet, pussy crush, pussy, vaginal vore, insertion, sex, nudity, evil, science

Released June 19, 2024
15 pages + cover
Story by Sexplore
Artwork by Hmage
This issue is part of the A Goddess of Law series.

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