A Goddess of Law 6

A Goddess of Law 6
A Goddess of Law 6

What does a 150 foot tall narcissist (with sociopathic tendencies) do in her free time? Whatever she likes... such as gate crashing (or gate smashing) a local rock festival! Unfortunately for everyone else, being close to Giantess Officer Nikki when she’s partying might prove to be even more dangerous than watching her work. As the body count begins to rise, can even her boyfriend Chris avoid being one of the causalities?

Tags: giantess, shrinking, shrunken man, destruction, accidental destruction, car crush, vaginal vore, insertion, sex, science

Released June 28, 2022
15 pages + cover
Story by Sexplore
Artwork by Hmage
This issue is part of the A Goddess of Law series.

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