A Goddess of Law 3

A Goddess of Law 3
A Goddess of Law 3

Eva is cold hearted, corrupt, and ambitious, but she can’t focus on ruthlessly running the city now that her beloved cat Mincey has been stolen. So, she’s asked the unstoppable giantess, Officer Nikki, to find him and bring him home. A bad idea by any standards. Nikki doesn’t know the first thing about detective work. She’s just a 150-foot-tall stripper who happens to be wearing a police costume. Worse still, she’s starting to enjoy dishing out punishments a little too much. How many others will be lost in the inevitable chaos to save one feline life?

Tags: giantess, destruction, barefoot, handheld, breasts, nipples, nudity, domination

Released July 28, 2020
15 pages + cover
Story by Sexplore
Artwork by Hmage
This issue is part of the A Goddess of Law series.

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