A Weekend Alone 19

A Weekend Alone 19
A Weekend Alone 19

While Mary-Jean, Valerie, and Ariel prepare to go out to lunch, Sarah and her shrunken passengers try to think of their next move. They begin to wonder about the mechanisms behind their shrinking. Can they be restored? And if there are tiny people atop a normal sized person... will they grow with them? What would they do if Sarah were accidentally transformed into a mega-sized giantess? Or even worse... what if Valerie was grown to immense size?

Tags: unaware, giantess, multiple gts, growth, height increase, mega-giantess, pov, boot crush, cigarette, city crush, destruction, boobs, science

Released October 08, 2021
20 pages + cover
Story by KevinFred
Artwork by Jieun
This issue is part of the A Weekend Alone series.

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