A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone

A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone
A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone

Megan Brown has long wished to go to a comic book convention and, this year, she's finally going! The only downside is that one of her "friends," up and coming model Natalie Veronica, has invited herself along for the trip. On their way, they make a quick pit stop to fuel up Megan's car and get some snacks. Little do they know that many denizens of the neighborhood have found themselves at near microscopic size. Can these poor, tiny souls get the attention of the towering ladies?

Tags: unaware, shrunken man, shrunken woman, butt, climb, body exploration

Released December 24, 2020
32 pages + cover
Story by KevinFred
Artwork by Jieun, Ylenia Di Napoli
This issue is part of the A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone series.

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