A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone 2

A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone 2
A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone 2

As Megan and Natalie make their way across town, they make a quick stop to visit Natalie's beauty consultant, Madelyn Walker, to pick up a supply of cosmetics. Unbeknownst to them, the neighborhood has shrunk, and a few denizens land on their bodies. Now, the tiny victims must try to survive atop the sprawling landscape that is the bodies of the towering ladies. Will they grab their attention? And will Megan and Natalie be able to reach their convention?

Tags: unaware, shrunken man, shrunken woman, butt, hair, feet, toes, POV, mouth, nose, nasal vore, stomach, eye, body exploration

Released July 19, 2024
32 pages + cover
Story by KevinFred
Artwork by Jieun, Ylenia Di Napoli
This issue is part of the A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone series.

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