America's Next Tall Model

America's Next Tall Model
America's Next Tall Model

Pria is a short slightly frumpy college coed who has always been a little jealous of her gorgeous best friend and roommate Christie. When a reality TV modeling show comes to audition on campus Christie is gets in line, looking every bit like a top contestant. Despondent, Pria skulks around campus and can't believe her luck when she uncovers that test volunteers are wanted for trials of a new hormone therapy. Pria is at first amazed with the results but starts to push things too far by increasing her dosage. It’s not long before Christie uncovers what Pria is doing.

Tags: Slow growth, mini-giantess, sex, lesbians, clothes ripping

Released October 28, 2015
15 pages + cover
Story by Astyanax
Artwork by SednaStudio-Forst
This issue is part of the America's Next Tall Model series.

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