The Biggest Strip 4

The Biggest Strip 4
The Biggest Strip 4

Scarlet, a stripper turned giantess, has grown again. First became the spotlight of the strip club and then became the strip club, turning her prior competitors to mere body servants and eventually snacks. But the time of playfulness is over; now is the time of the Goddess!

In this issue, the last of the TBS series, the giantess will take one last growth serum and gain the powers of the universe and in doing so conquer the entire planet, bending it to her will and satisfying her in any way she deems fit.

Tags: giantess, insertion, giant couple, sex, transformation, worship

Released June 14, 2013
16 pages + cover
Story by JT
Artwork by SednaStudio-Forst
This issue is part of the The Biggest Strip series.

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