Bigger Than This 3

Bigger Than This 3
Bigger Than This 3

Elli Booth wished on a Norse chaos magic talisman to be “bigger than this.” Becoming a rapidly-growing, super-horny giantess, she had achieved galactic size, but was plucked into the realm of Norse mythology. In this dimension, she starts as the same size as a giantess’ finger. But is Elli the one for whom the giantesses have been waiting? Could Elli be the Goddess of Growth?

Tags: growth, clothes ripping, giantess, destruction, insertion, violence, mega-gts, multiple gts, giantess fight, boob crush, foot crush.

Released March 28, 2014
15 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by Davide Tinto (Art Steady), Mohan
This issue is part of the Bigger Than This series.

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