My Shrinking Husband 2

My Shrinking Husband 2
My Shrinking Husband 2

After Kim Alger saw her husband Jim shrink to microscopic size on her nipple, she awoke to find that she was lactating (even though she couldn’t be pregnant) and Jim regrown to the size of a bug! Kim herself was now a giantess with enormous breasts, heavy with milk. However, no one with Jim’s illness, diminuosis, has ever regrown before. How much will Jim grow... and can Kim provide a cure for him and others by getting even bigger herself?

Tags: giantess, height increase, breast expansion, lactation, growth, slow growth, shrinking, shrunken man, slow shrink, half-size, tiny, micro, body exploration, sex, insertion, pleasure, mini-giantess, nerdy girl, mouth play, blowjob, science

Released August 19, 2023
15 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang
This issue is part of the My Shrinking Husband series.

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