Size Swingers

Size Swingers
Size Swingers

John and Anna have been married for five years. Like most couples they work hard and worry about the mortgage and bills. Unlike most couples they spend their weekends at a mysterious unnamed swingers club under the auspices of a strict madame, where the men are shrunk and passed around the women. The night starts well with the women getting their kicks and two teenage girls using their memberships for the first time. Then jealousy flares when chance presents Anna the opportunity to experience John’s friend Wayne at his full size. How will their unorthodox relationship cope with the turmoil?

Tags: shrunken man, insertion, sex, giant couple

Released July 14, 2013
15 pages + cover
Story by Jordan Macrophile
Artwork by Claudio Avella (ArtSteady), Salvatore De Simone

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