Sub-Human Resources

Sub-Human Resources
Sub-Human Resources

At the height of the Swinging Sixties a pandemic swept the globe over the course of a year and claimed the height of half of the world’s population. Seemingly linked along genetic lines to affect entire families but otherwise random, 1.5 billion people found themselves facing the rest of their lives at just six inches tall. In Britain, welfare spending on the underclass spiraled to unsustainable levels with social unrest peaking when Mary Porter, a young librarian, was imprisoned for three years for the manslaughter of a man she had accidentally stepped on in the street. Twenty years ago Mary’s Law was passed, decriminalizing all acts against the underclass and establishing a process to register the smaller humans as property to alleviate the burden on the state. In the present day, the first humans bred entirely in captivity are reaching adulthood and entering the market.

Tags: shrunken man, shrunken woman, handheld, humiliation, breast play, hand crush, heel crush

Released April 28, 2014
15 pages + cover
Story by Jordan Macrophile
Artwork by Jieun Studio
This issue is part of the Sub-Human Resources series.

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