Transcendent 1

Transcendent 1
Transcendent 1

The year is 3724 AD. Humanity has evolved beyond nature to become a technological organism - Numans. Fashion, architecture, culture have all adopted a style that evokes the digital and the organic: Light-infused cloth, energized concrete, and conformity of norms.

The body, including sexual impulses, are tightly regulated by technological improvements. Violent and counter-productive impulses have been eliminated. There is universal peace.

A substance known as Vegor spreads like a virus across the land, threatening the existence of the Numans. A technician named Sera is posed with containing the Vegor but soon finds herself on a routine clean-up effort gone wrong.

Tags: giantess, growth, insertion, sex, masturbation

Released September 14, 2013
15 pages + cover
Story by Element
Artwork by Nekt
This issue is part of the Transcendent series.

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