Worst Day Ever

Worst Day Ever
Worst Day Ever

Red’s day has been the worst day ever. Her thoughtless roommate destroyed her thesis, a glowing meteor destroyed her laptop, she’s been doused by a strange blue goo and zapped by a ray gun, and even been exposed to some experiments she doesn’t know about. Through it all, she’s so focused in her thesis she doesn’t realize what’s she’s growing. And then some people finally goes too far. Just how bad will Red the giantess make their day?

Tags: Giantess, growth, mini-giantess, muscle growth, breast expansion, boob crush, clothes ripping, outgrowing building

Released September 28, 2015
17 pages + cover
Story by Giantess-Cassie
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka, SednaStudio-LRC
This issue is part of the Worst Day Ever series.

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