Bobby and Clair

Bobby and Clair
Bobby and Clair

FBI Special Agents Stuart Jackson and Linda Martinez have been tracking the infamous crime spree of the Parker Gang across state lines for weeks. Their leader is the sociopathic CLAIR, always accompanied by her lover BOBBY and supported by the drop out TRIXIE. The body count has been piling up while the robberies of bars and liquor stores have become increasingly trivial, each sealed by a trademark lipstick kiss left by CLAIR at the scene. A hot lead allows the FBI to track a car stolen from a gas station to a post office and the couple are finally pinned down. Desperate for weapons and ammunition, CLAIR stumbles across a package containing experimental size changing technology... and their wild spree gets colossally worse.

Tags: giantess, destruction, mini-giantess, multiple gts, oral sex, lesbian, threesome, handheld, growth, POV, science

Released July 28, 2014
16 pages + cover
Story by Jordan Macrophile
Artwork by Davide Tinto, Ylenia Di Napoli
This issue is part of the Bobby and Clair series.

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